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- Log via SCiO scanner

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017 09:54AM GMT
Food logging is an important step in optimizing your use of DietSensor’s functionality. Once your food is ready to be scanned, you can log it in the application following the steps outlined below, once your SCiO is connected and calibrated (see the video tutorial in the Guide me menu inside the app):

Accessing the SCiO log: 

A fast way to log your homogeneous food is to use the SCiO scanner, available in the DietSensor app.

To do this, click on the '+' button on the app's footer as seen below

 on the 'food' logging screen, tap the 'SCiO' icon (as shown on the image below)

First steps scanning your food:

Tap the food category that you are about to scan, as seen below.

Now tap on the picture of the specific food family you are scanning, for example, if you are scanning an apple, tap the 'Raw Fruits and Vegetables' picture on the expanded menu as seen below:

On the next screen, click on the more precise food family, here, for example, we scanned an apple so we will choose 'Fruits'.

You can now proceed to scanning your homogeneous food.

  1. First of all, ensure that the food you want to scan is equal to or larger than the entire illumination field during the scan. If the sample is too small, but absolutely dry, place it within the solid sample holder for an accurate scan.
  1. Hold SCiO scanner steady and press the button on SCiO firmly for one second to scan the food.

The Scan Result page:

Congratulations, after having successfully scanned your homogeneous good, its nutrition information will automatically appear on the next screen, as shown below with the food name 'Fruits' (Or that of your selected food category as seen below:

Adding the scanned food to your favorites:

In the above picture, we took a picture of the apple and could tap the star 'Favorite icon to add this food to our favorites list.

Information on the type of food you scanned (And are about to eat):

Notice the smiley face identifying the food as a low energy food. The DietSensor app gives you nutrition advice on this food, letting you know how it affects your diet. Here, you are informed that you have no real limit on this type of food. 

The Nutrition chart:

The nutrition chart gives you a graphical view of the nutrient breakdown found in your scanned food, showing you, based on your food objective, how it will affect your food budget by calorie, protein, fat and carbs. Your goal is to meet your meal objective, described on the right end of the chart line as shown below (10g of Proteins, 10g of Fat and 40g of Carbs):


Setting the weight of your scanned food:

Notice the ability to modify the weight of the food you scanned. You can do this by either taping the weight figure and modify it on the fly or by scrolling the weight scroll clockwise (to increase value) or anticlockwise (to decrease value).

Using the DietSensor connected scale for precise logging:

You can weigh the food you are eating using our connected scale. To do so, switch on the scale, turn on your phone's bluetooth and tap on the 'Scale' Icon next to the weight scroll.

Are you weighing the food on a plate? You can weigh the weight of your plate / bowl by placing it on the scale, tap 'Tare' on the app and fill it with your food as seen below:


The DietSensor app will give you the precise weight of your weighted food so you can have more precision with your consumed food.

Accessing the logged food's detailed nutrition values:

You can access the food's nutrition value at logging screen or by viewing the food after it has been logged. To do so, simply tap on the arrow as shown below:

You will see the food's nutrition details accordingly, as seen below in the case of the scanned apple:

Congratulations, you now know how to log a homogeneous food using the SCiO scanner.
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