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- Log via food database

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2016 04:46AM GMT
Accessing the Food Database

A fast way to log your non-homogeneous food is to use the comprehensive food database available in the DietSensor app.

To do this, click on the '+' button on the app's footer as seen below

 Tap on the 'catalog' icon (as shown on the image below)

Searching and selecting your food.

On the next screen you can type the name of the food you want to add or use the 'frequent' or 'recent' food feature to quickly access the foods you regularly consume. The intuitive search feature will quickly retrieve the food you are looking for. Simply choose the food that best matches yours in the drop down menu of the automatic search. For example, if you are eating a white bread just type 'bread' in the search box, and then select  'White bread' in the drop down list as shown below.

Selecting your food:

If you click on a line, you will be able to change the portion size.
If you click on 'Select' (far right of the food) to select it, you will access a screen to take a picture, add it in your favorite list, and get recommendations on portion size.

You can also swipe the line to the right to perform a 'quick add.' You will see the impact of this food on your daily totals on the bar chart.

Measuring your portions:

You can change the number of portions (See below for slices) by clicking on '1 Slice', measure the weight of your portions by adjusting it manually at the centre of the wheel or by tunrning the wheel clockwise or anti clockwise as applicable, and see the impact on the bar chart as seen below:

Seeing how consuming this food will affect your current nutrition budget:

DietSensor allows you to see BEFORE you eat/drink how the quantity of what you are about to consume will affect your diet, so you can adjust portions/ weight accordingly by tapping the weight value at the centre of the scrol wheel, or by scrolling the wheel clockwise to increase weight, or anti clockwise to decrease the weight. The bar chart represents your daily intake 'IF YOU EAT THIS PORTION SIZE'

What would my nutritionist say?

The following picture shows the dashboard. The 'Next Meal' focuses on the food consumed to advise on what you shoud eat on your next meal. In this exemple, we are advised to eat mainly fats and proteins on our next meal (Which will be a snack).

Just beneath, you will find the 'My nutrition coach' section, which is a premium advanced assistant providing instant recommendations after you log the meal, providing insight on the quantity you should consume and how it will impact your diet. Here we see that we didn't meet our energy target. You can tap the section to access more insight.

Frame it, use it.

Taking a pic of your logged food by clicking on the 'camera' on the top section will help you easily identify your food in your recent/ favorite galleries. You can tap 'reset' to take a new picture of your food.

Press 'cancel' on the top left section of the screen or 'add' on the top right section of the screen to confirm your food entry. You can always modify your food entry afterwards.

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